Influence of health strength training on indicators of physical preparedness of 13-15 year-old teenagers

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It is recognized that a health strength training for teenagers can be an effective and useful mean of physical education for the increase of their general physical preparedness. However, the full-scale studies, obtained using the available means of the health strength training of teenagers, are presented insufficiently in scientific literature. Therefore, there is a problem of development and justification of the methodology connected with the use of available tools of health strength training in conditions of extracurricular forms of classes with teenage students. Two groups of 6-8 class school students from the city of Krasnodar (only boys) have participated in the pedagogical experiment for seven months. The control group (18 people) was engaged in physical education according to the program of the secondary school, and the other group was experimental (22 people), where students had the health strength training using a set of exercises with their own body weight and the weight of the partner by the circular method...


Teenagers, health strength training, level of strength preparedness, bench press, indicators of wrist and backbone dynamometry

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