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ReadEra is an app for reading books, magazines, articles and documents that allows you to read books for free, without ads and without registration.

Read books and documents in different formats

ReadEra reads well multiple types of formats: book Epub, Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), Fb2; business PDF, Djvu; office Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), ODT; text TXT; comics CBR, CBZ, and others. Reading books, viewing Microsoft Word documents and PDF files from zip and rar archives.

The book reader combines in it all advantages of different reading apps.


EPUB reader & MOBI reader reveals all advantages of the EPUB and MOBI formats for eBooks.


PDF reader - PDF viewer supports cropping margins in PDF files.


WORD reader will form contents of the book by headings, even if the table of contents is not added by author.


FB2 reader opens books of FB2 format from ZIP and RAR archive; no need to unpack.

Read books for free

The ReadEra structure makes it easy for you to lay the foundation for an evolved and calm way to read books for free, enjoy the true pleasure of reading books and understanding the balance of information. It's so easy and simple to organize your content, books, magazines, articles and documents on your mobile device.

ReadEra book reader reads all popular formats of books, magazines, articles and other documents in one app.

Sidebar: book lists, book grouping by author and series, collections, etc.

Order in books, journals, and documents

Best book manager for your library

Auto-detection of books, journals, and documents. Just download an Epub book, PDF journal, Microsoft Word documents or PDF article from the Internet so they appear in the reader for reading.

Book reading lists: Favorites, To Read, Have Read.

Grouping books by authors and series.

The Collections tool (bookshelves) allows you to create personal thematic collections. Books, journals, articles, and documents can be added to multiple collections at the same time.

Sorting by name, file format, date read, working with folders, etc.

500 000 +

ReadEra works reliably and fast with a large library of books, magazines, articles and documents. Tested against a library of over 500,000 books and documents. Create your own off-line library of books, journals, and articles on your mobile device.

We do our best to ensure order in your eBook library.

Save Quotes

Bookmark, copy text, take notes, translate, dictionary,
and more
Highlighted quote in e-book

Bookmarks - save your favorite places in books with one touch. Tap the top right corner to add a quick bookmark while reading. All bookmarks in the book are conveniently collected in one place.

Quotes - highlight text in books and documents, add personal notes to the selected text. Thoughtful and simple algorithm for working with quotes and notes.

Translation of text into foreign languages. Supports the integration of popular text translators. Translate text in books with any dictionary or translator from the list of apps on your device.

Find definitions of words in any dictionary available on the device.

Select and copy text in documents.

Reading menu in an open e-book

Convenient reading books and documents menu

  • Text search
  • Contents, Quotes, Bookmarks
  • Font settings
  • Brightness
  • Screen rotation
  • Reading progress and more

Search by text. Find the words and passages you want in a book or document. Search results are highlighted by color. Navigate by the words found in the book using the Forward - Back buttons.

Quick access to the table of contents, bookmarks, quotes and notes in the book.

Text display settings.
Page flipping options: horizontally, vertically. Easily changeable color modes: day, night, sepia, twilight, console.
Font settings: size, type and boldness of the font, line spacing, support for system fonts, which allows you to read books in Chinese, Arabic and many other languages. Ability to upload your fonts.
Text alignment, indentation, paragraph and hyphenation adjustments for Fb2, Epub, Microsoft Word, Kindle (Mobi, Azw3), TXT, and ODT formats. Support for zooming in PDF and Djvu files. Customize page margins, including PDF and DjVu.

Screen brightness. Automatic or manual brightness setting. Ability to set brightness below the minimum system brightness of the device. The gesture brightness setting allows you to change the brightness by moving up or down the left edge of the screen.

Screen rotation. Screen orientation options - vertical, horizontal, as well as the option to automatically rotate the screen when you change the position of the device.

Линия прогресса

The progress line of reading books and the page pointer allow you to quickly navigate through a book, journal, or document. ReadEra correctly displays the number of pages in the book and the number of pages in the read chapter.

Navigation through a book, magazine or document

Table of Contents, Bookmarks, Quotes
Book navigation: table of contents, bookmarks, quotes

Convenient navigation through the book: table of contents, bookmarks and quotes. The Table of Contents allows you to familiarize yourself with a book or document, displays the structure of the book and provides quick navigation through its chapters. Bookmarks, quotes and notes collected in one place allow you to recall the main theses and key points in the book, go to them in the text.

Automatic saving of the current reading page. Quick access to reading settings, table of contents, bookmarks, quotations, notes, color highlighting, page history, and other e-book options.

For Fb2, Epub, Mobi, Docx formats, footnotes are printed at the bottom of the page as in a paper book.

Book background themes: day, night

background color of a book, magazine, or document you read

Pleasant book reading modes:
Day-Night, Sepia, Console

Pleasant reading modes. ReadEra has a large selection of color modes for reading books, magazines and documents: day, night, sepia, twilight, console, etc. Quick color mode change by touching the left corner of the screen while reading.

Reading books is easy at any time of the day!

Economized memory usage

The reader doesn’t copy books and documents into its store; detects duplicate files, saves bookmarks and the current reading page, even when files are moved or deleted. For example, even if you delete files and download books again, you’ll be able to continue reading books from the last read page. EBook ReadEra also allows storing data on an SD card.

Kids reading book mode

A special "Kids mode" for reading and viewing books is available for kids and parents: Simple interface; Large book covers; Parental control. Filter books for kids; add them to kids collections. The "Kids mode" can be enabled in the three-dot menu for the current section of the library or for a book to be read.

Multi-document reading mode

ReadEra allows you to read multiple books, journals and documents at the same time. For example, you can simultaneously read Epub books and PDF journals by placing them on the device screen in split-screen mode (two windows). Or read Microsoft Word, ODT, PDF documents, Epub/Mobi and Kindle books, switching between them by the "Active apps" system button.

ReadEra - the best app for reading books, magazines and articles

The whole world reads books with ReadEra

The app translated into 57+ languages

The whole world reads books with ReadEra


We believe that reading books develops intelligence, stimulates imagination and is the most important source of personal development. Reading benefits everyone and that is why it should be available to everyone.

No ads!

Every day we are offered to place advertisements. Our answer: Ideas are born in silence! Reading should not be interrupted. Therefore, for you, for the sake of creativity and education, the ReadEra app remains ad-free!