Lexical-semantic fields in the texts of the American patriotic song

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The article discusses the definitions of the term “Lexical-semantic field” given by different authors and produces a brief description of them. It also provides theoretical information on text units with patriotic semantics. The practical part of the article examines how the lexical and semantic fields are reflected in the texts of American patriotic songs. The detailed analysis of lexical and semantic units is carried out, presented on examples of 10 patriotic songs, and the functions they carry. The collection of songs “All American Patriotic Songbook” and “American Patriotic Songs” were selected for this study.

Lexical-semantic field, patriotic song, motherland, text, patriot, lyric hero

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IDR: 148323548   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V925X.21.04.P.056

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