Effect of soaking seeds of flax on the ultimate strength of flaxes

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There are one of ways to save peoples heath is eating food, what rich in fiber. To the recovery of polyunsarurated fatty acids, protein, mineral substances, fibers it recommended to eat flax seeds and its products. One of these products are flaxes. The purpose of the work was a rational choice of the duration of soaking seeds, providing strong reception of finished products. Founds that when hydrated of 10 to 30 minutes of the study setting almost unchanged. After 30 minutes soaking the tensile strength increased, and then decreased. The maximum value observed in the samples in which lasted 40 minutes soaking. Probably, due to the fact that upon contact with water 30 minutes before the moisture is adsorbed on the surface of flax seed are thus formed in a small amount of mucus. From 30 to 40 minutes soaking carbohydrates undergo hydrolysis inner layers of the endosperm and seed shell. While the water absorption capacity of flax reaches limits. Also increases the amount of mucus, and after 40 minutes soaking becomes excessive, resulting in reduced tensile strength of the finished product. Therefore, rational while soaking flax 40 minutes, providing the maximum value of the parameter under study. Flux thus, thanks to the ability of flax seed soaking and store slime forming after drying alpha-linolenic acid is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals.


Soaking duration, ultimate strength, stroganov''s device, flax

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IDR: 140229793   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-2-138-142

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