The viability of pollen in some species of Berberis L. in Absheron conditions

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The study of pollen viability in trees and shrubs under conditions of introduction is one of the determining factors in the adaptation of a plant to new conditions. In 2018-2019, the vitality and germination of pollen was studied in 9 species of Berberis L. in the collection area of the Institute of Dendrology. For this purpose, the phenology of these species was studied and appropriate methods were applied. The results of the study showed that according to the viability, the pollen of the studied species is divided into 3 groups: highly viable pollen, moderately viable pollen, poorly viable pollen. Meridional and equatorial diameter of pollen of Berberis vulgaris and Berberis densifolia species from natural flora, as well as the dimensions of the pollen tubes was large compared to the introduced species.


Biological productivity, phenospectrum, pollination, fertility

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IDR: 147225225

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