The study of a silatrane-containing preparation on improving the consumer properties of lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. Dubachek MC), grown hydroponically in phytotron-ISR 0.1

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This paper presents the results of experimental study on the possibility of improving consumer properties of lettuce (Lactuca sativa - var. Dubachuk MC) grown under the conditions of closed system in ISR-0.1 phytotron by applying foliar treatment of different concentrations of 1-ethoxysilatran - a new silicon based preparation belonging to Silatrans group. The trail demonstrated no effect of the preparation when applied in a concentration of 5.10-4 ml/l in ES1 treatment. However, the effectiveness starts upon using higher concentrations. The best yield components were obtained as a result of foliar treatments of ES3 and ES4 with concentrations of 5.10-3 and 10-2 ml/l respectively. Applying foliar treatment in vegetative phase resulted in complex effect of activation of physiological processes in plants, stimulating the photosynthetic activity and accumulation of photosynthetic pigments by recording a 22.7% increase in chlorophyll-a and 18.6% in carotenoids content in fresh leaves...


Phytotron, 1-ethoxysilatran, organosilicon, lettuce, nutritional value, antioxidants, total phenols, chlorophyll, nitrates

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IDR: 140248343   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2020-1-96-102

Список литературы The study of a silatrane-containing preparation on improving the consumer properties of lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. Dubachek MC), grown hydroponically in phytotron-ISR 0.1

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