Theoretical background the control technology of flour confectionery products and their practical implementation

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The development of technologies of flour confectionery products, carried out by the all-Russian research Institute of the confectionery industry, is in the field of knowledge of industrial engineering, which are tools for creating innovative technologies. Innovation, confectionery companies carried out by combining equipment, control, measuring and information systems, by eliminating technical contradictions between the operation and control of technological flow. Theoretical prerequisites for the management of technologies of flour confectionery products were the provisions of the system approach and physico-chemical mechanics. Thus, by determining the criteria and regulation of the rheological properties of confectionery masses provides stabilization of the process and it becomes possible to control the intermediate stages and the flow of technology as a whole for different types of products that have a common principle of the structure of the process. For the purpose of practical realization of theoretical prerequisites of technology management the Institute has developed a complex of technological methods...


Industrial engineering, system approach, technology management, physical and chemical mechanics, technological operation

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IDR: 140238610   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-64-67

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