Technology of production of kumis drink enriched with iodine-glycoside complex

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The article presents the results of experimental research on the development of a formulation and technology for the industrial production of kumis drink enriched with an iodine-glycoside complex, which is a source of molecular iodine with antioxidant activity. Study of the iodine level in patients with tuberculosis showed the following results: iodine deficiency was diagnosed in 86,7% of the total number of examined patients - the median ioduria in this group of patients ranged from 20 ?g/l to 99 ?g/l. The article describes a technology of production of kumis drink enriched with iodine-glycoside complex, including following operations: acceptance and preparation of raw materials; normalization and preparation of the mixture; pasteurization, homogenization, cooling and insertion of "iodine-glycoside"; preparation of the fermentation culture; fermentation and souring, bottling, maturation of the drink; packaging, labeling and cooling. It also includes the results of evaluating the organoleptic indicators of kumis drink - consistency, taste, color, smell and appearance, as well as the physical and chemical parameters: weight fraction of fat, protein, dry fat-free substances; the volume of settled whey, antioxidant balance in respiratory pathology by activating the KEAP1 /Nrf2 /ARE redox-sensitive system inducing the gene expression that control the endogenous antioxidants synthesis. Binary complex (kumis drink + molecular iodine) is considered here as a non-pharmacological pathogenetic agent. The technological process of the production of a functional product with anti-tuberculosis activity ensured the preservation of the physical and chemical parameters of the kumis drink, reducing the titratable acidity to 44,8% in the iodine-enriched drink against 57,6% in the control sample. The author elaborates on mechanisms of the participation of the “iodine-glycoside complex” and low-molecular organic substances, in particular, the amino acids of the kumis drink, in the regulation of pro-, with pleiotropic properties for the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.


Tuberculosis, antioxidant status, molecular iodine, extrathyroid effects, kumis drink

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IDR: 140261133   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-137-142

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