Current state and formation problems of tourism in rural areas of Tambov region

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Promotion of agritourism in Russian regions is a key condition for the for- mation and development of this promising trend of tourism industry. Comprehensive elaboration of regulatory and legal framework, as well as the consolidation and the multifaceted support of the municipal and regional authorities are in need for its implementation. The article is devoted to as- sessing the current state and development problems of agritourism in Tam- bov region. Agritourism in Tambov region is at the initial stage. In the region there is a complex of natural, cultural, historical and socio-economic condi- tions for its development. However, there are a number of difficulties (legal, infrastructure and others). The state and regional programs for the domestic tourism development and support for small businesses in rural areas are the most important element for the successful development of rural tourism. The article provides an analysis of tourist potential of Tambov region and identi- fies the problems and prospects of domestic tourism development. The author describes possibilities of agritourism for promotion and innovative develop- ment of domestic tourism, as well as justifies the necessity of the various forms of supporting tourism destinations. Tambov is currently one of the most promising regions of Russia for investments in tourism development, especial- ly agritourism. However, successful development of this kind of business needs not only support at the municipal level. The solution of problem of agritourism development lies at the regional level. In addition, systematic work is needed in the field of professional training in rural tourism activities. For this purpose, in the region a system of continuous education in agribusi- ness has been developed It includes the implementation of the project activi- ties with school children in the field of rural tourism, professional training of bachelors of technology and organization of excursion services (Agritourism) and advanced training courses for workers of RF Ministry of Agriculture.


Agritourism, rural tourism, guest houses, the diversification of agricultural economy, education in agribusiness

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IDR: 140208446   |   DOI: 10.12737/21829

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