Functional sour cream product

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Among the diverse assortment of dairy products, sour cream occupies a leading position in terms of production. Despite the current economic situation, sour cream production increased by 3.4% compared to the previous year. The lack of raw milk, as well as the increased demand for healthy food products have led to the creation of a new group of sour cream products, which are supplemented with non-dairy ingredients - fortifiers. Due to the components of plant origin, it is possible to adjust the properties of the product, to give it a functional orientation. The authors proposed a method for the production of a sour cream product with the addition of wheat flakes and peach puree. The sour cream product was produced according to the traditional technological scheme. A feature of the technology is the introduction of plant components into the fermented product. The choice of the optimal dosage of wheat flakes and peach puree was carried out in accordance with the combination of the taste of the filler and the product, the indicators of the consistency and color of the sour cream product. The optimal dosages of the introduced components have been selected experimentally. An assessment of the quality indicators of the finished product has been carried out. The water-holding capacity of samples of sour cream products has been studied. By the amount of whey, you can judge the ability of dietary fiber to swell. The smaller the volume of whey, the more the dietary fiber absorbs moisture, which has a positive effect on the shelf life of the product. The viscosity was determined on a vibration viscometer in samples of samples with an undisturbed, damaged and restored clot. It was found that the sour cream product has the best moisture-absorbing ability, a fairly thick consistency, and after mixing it well restores the structure. It has been determined that the use of plant materials has a beneficial effect on the quality of the product.


Sour cream product, flavoring components, technology, dairy products, wheat flakes, peach puree, quality indicators

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IDR: 140261140   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-175-179

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