The Russian world and the system of national values in the social philosophy of Russia

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Introduction. This study examines the peculiarity of the phenomenon of the “Russian world” as a complex socio-value phenomenon of the existence of the Russian society. From the time of ancient Russian society to the present, many important value dominants of “Russianness” retain their identity and relevance. Russian social thought has clearly identified the main axiological themes of modernity: collectivism, spirituality, religiosity, and the traditional nature of human social existence. The purpose of the article is to comprehensively analyze the issues of the correlation of the national values of Russians and the ideas of the “Russian world” in the socio-philosophical context of the Russian philosophical tradition. Materials and methods. The issues of a systematic and integrated approach to the problems of identifying the specifics of Russian philosophy and its representation of the phenomenon of the value dominants of the Russian world are methodologically quite debatable. However, most of the concepts of social philosophy in Russia in this regard analyze this issue from a value-normative position. The comparative-historical and complex approaches in the methodology of solving the problems of research of the “Russian world” are considered important. The results of the study. The specifics of the topic under consideration affect both socio-axiological and socio-cultural trends in the development of Russian society from its origins to the present day. The systematic resolution of the polemics around the phenomena and elements of the “Russian world” in philosophy and historical science is concentrated in the perspective of the continuous development of Russian social thought. This feature allows us to reveal the value of traditionalism and continuity of the Russian society. Discussion and conclusion. In the context of dynamically changing trends of our time, it is important to identify the current issues of preserving the traditions and value “codes” of Russian society. The problems of continuity and influence of the ideas of the “Russian world” had a significant impact on the social thought of Russia. Many of the value bases of the existence of Russians have proved vital to this day: collectivism, spirituality, and tradition are an important asset of public Russian thought.


Russian world, spiritual culture, morality, values, russian society, religious heritage, tradition

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IDR: 147234623   |   DOI: 10.15507/2078-9823.54.021.202102.169-176

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