Problems of integration of the Russian Federation into the system of international standards of auditing

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Russia's integration into the international legal economy is extremely difficult. The main reason for this is the much later transition of the Russian Federation to a market-based economic system. The Russian Federation is more focused on domestic legislation, and although international sources of regulation are recognized on its territory, they do not have the same authority as in the legal systems of the Western world. Therefore, an important part of Russia's integration into the international economy is the synchronization of financial regulation in national systems. The article is devoted to one of the key points of Russia's integration into the international economy: the implementation of international accounting regulations and audit rules. In turn, the international standards for the regulation of auditing activities, their main goal is to create a single legal regulation of accounting statements. The relevance of the topic is determined on the one hand, by the importance of international markets and the attractiveness of Russia for foreign investors, and on the other, by the many problems that arise when trying to implement the norms of international law in the national legal field. The article examines the immediate difficulties and problems, as well as legal conflicts that arose in the process of implementing the norms of international financial law in the Russian Federation. The basis of the study was the cause-and-effect relationships, which become the basis for the occurrence of the above-mentioned problems. The article analyzes the linguistic, legal, moral and ethical contradictions that accompany the process of implementing the norms of international financial law in the national legal system of the Russian Federation. The analysis involves the consideration of problems in accordance with the moments of their occurrence. Further in the article the ways of solving the mentioned problems, the possibilities of overcoming legal conflicts, the ways of overcoming social and ethical contradictions are considered. In addition to the analysis of the legal essence of the process of implementation of international financial reporting standards, the article examines the situation of the modern market of audit services and the impact of audit practices on the system of regulation of the legal relations under study.


International standards, auditing, audit, financial law, international law

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IDR: 140261155   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-272-276

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