Increase of mental abilities of children with cerebral palsy on the basis of enrichment of motor functions

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Relevance. One of the main tasks in the structure of the rehabilitation process of children with cerebral palsy is to increase their mental abilities. Research aim. The research aim is the change of the level of mental abilities of children with cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia) during the formation of new motor abilities. Research methods. In the process of the study the following research methods were used: pedagogical observations, pedagogical experiment, testing of operational and shorterm memory during the performance of control tasks. Research results. The increase in the volume of movements performed, a qualitative improvement in interaction with the environment and the stability of targeted motor actions of children with cerebral palsy in water and on land have been recorded. The improvement of the emotional state when performing exercises of remedial gymnastics and especially when practicing in the water have been found. Mastering a greater amount of motor skills had a positive effect on the initial formation of individual motor skills...


Children, cerebral palsy, mental ability, attention, motor actions, memory

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