Prospects of integration cooperation of the constituent entities of the local market of meat products

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The local food markets represent interaction of local producers and consumers of food production. This approach is the general, however, not losing the relevance and not exposed to serious substantial criticism. For several honeycombs years scientists show solidarity, marking out as basic elements of market conditions demand, the offer, the prices and the competition, and as the main subjects of market interaction – producers and consumers of goods, specific to the concrete market. At the same time the questions disclosing the nature of interaction, his form and also distinctive characteristics of subjects of interaction and the relations arising between them are debatable. Perspective form of interaction of subjects of the local market of meat production is the integration of producers and processors of raw materials aimed at providing production of the innovative production capable to find solvent demand even in the conditions of low consumer ability of the population today. Stabilization and development of the meat industry, increase in efficiency of his work in no small measure depend on his diversification, structural transformations by reforming and further improvement of the vertically integrated companies. Therefore the special relevance was acquired now by a problem of vertical integration and improvement of structure of the meat-processing enterprises by formation of the vertically integrated structures uniting all technological chain in a whole. Diversification allows to fix economic communications, to strengthen incentives for obtaining the most effective end result, to concentrate resources in the most effective directions of economic and technological technical policy, to solve separate problems of use of production and social infrastructure..


Integration of formation, local markets, region, diversification

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IDR: 140229930   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-4-370-377

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