Features of motivation of 7-10 year-old children to physical education

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Relevance. One of the important tasks of physical education at school is the formation and consolidation of motivation of school children to the regular increase of own physical qualities, acquisition of skills of a healthy lifestyle, the study of regulations aimed at maintaining health and provision of knowledge in the field of physical education. Research aim. The aim of the present research is the study of the level of motivation of 7-10 year-old children to physical education. Research methods. The main research method was interviewing. 311 school children (149 boys and 162 girls), whose age corresponded to the period of the first and the second childhood - students of the municipal educational institution gymnasium № 18 and school № 63 of the municipality of Krasnodar participated in the examination. 20 teachers of these educational institutions took part in the interview. Research results. The results of the questionnaire suggest that school physical education teachers understand the formation of physical education of personality, formation of individual conditions, fundamental to learning activities and increase of physical preparedness of school children as the main tasks of physical education...


Primary school students, motivation, physical education classes, questioning of children, teacher in- terviewing

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