The OpenReadEra Project

1. About OpenReadEra

The OpenReadEra Project consists of five independent programs: EraPDF, EraEPUB, EraDjVu, EraComic and EraMOBI.

- EraPDF: parsing and rendering of PDF docs.
- EraEPUB: parsing and rendering of EPUB, FB2, FB3, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, CHM and TXT docs.
- EraDjVu: parsing and rendering of DJVU docs.
- EraMOBI: parsing and rendering of MOBI, AZW and AZW3 docs.
- EraComic: parsing and rendering of CBR, CBZ docs.

The programs of The OpenReadEra Project are separate, completely independent programs, they don't using static linking and don't combined into single executable file. They run in different processes of the operating system, don't use dynamic linking, don't use shared memory, and exchange simple types of data only through interprocess communication mechanisms, such as command line arguments, named pipes, and sockets.

2. Build

To perform build, you need the Android Studio, Android SDK and NDK. Create new standard Android project, place The OpenReadEra Project sources directory to the "cpp" project sources directory and configure Gradle build. You can build all four programs at once or build only some of them by listing desired programs names in "targets" list.

3. Licenses

The programs of The OpenReadEra Project are free software and are distributed under the terms of the open GNU GPL licenses. You can get acquainted with the copyright notices and licenses of EraPDF, EraEPUB, EraDjVu, EraComic and EraMOBI programs, and other third-party projects wich they based upon, in the corresponding sources directories of those programs and projects.

Send us an email if you need the source code for the OpenReadEra project: