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Enjoy a reliable app for reading books, magazines, articles and documents with new exclusive features in ReadEra Premium!

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Synchronize books, documents, reading progress, bookmarks, and quotes with Google Drive on all your devices.

  • Automatic upload of new data to cloud storage.
  • Cloud files are available on any of your devices - phone or tablet.
  • Reliable protection against deletion books by other apps.
  • Easy transfer of books, reading progress and other data to a new device.

All quotes in one place

All quotes, notes, bookmarks and reviews from all books and documents are collected in one place.

This is a new, exclusive section in the ReadEra Premium menu.

Colors for quotes

Additional colors to highlight quotes or text in books and documents you read.

Thoughtful, simple algorithm for working with quotes and notes.

Page thumbnails

Thumbnails for all pages of the book you read - convenient for quick visual navigation through a book or document.

Discover the thumbnails for yourself, and then try to do without them!

My fonts

You can upload your fonts and use them for reading books and documents.

Library view

Customize the display of books and documents in the library: full, brief, thumbnails, grid.

The grid is our favorite!

Buying Premium

You pay once and you will be able to install ReadEra Premium on all your devices.

Data and settings are automatically copied from the free version.

You support the ReadEra project.

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