Protection of public order in the Omsk region during quarantine caused by African swine fever

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Introduction: article on the protection of public order is a review of the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region for the protection of public order in the introduction of the emergency situation in connection with African swine fever. The article presents an algorithm of actions to respond to the outbreak of dangerous infectious animal disease, which can lead to the loss of all livestock in the region, analyzes the interaction of the internal affairs bodies and Supervisory bodies, offers a positive experience of public order in the implementation of quarantine measures. According to the authors, the article can be useful for organizing the work of the internal affairs bodies in the event of such an emergency in other subjects of the Russian Federation. Materials and methods: the main method of research is the dialectical method of cognition, which allows us to objectively and comprehensively consider the tasks, identify problems of public order protection during an emergency caused by a dangerous viral disease of animals. Along with it, General scientific methods were used: analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, abstraction; special methods were used: formal legal, interviewing. The results of the study: revealed that the competence of employees of the internal Affairs bodies in the protection of public order in an emergency situation caused by a dangerous viral disease of animals is not regulated, so it requires detailed regulation of the activities of police officers who implement coercive measures against the population, property of citizens, by issuing individual management acts. Conclusions and conclusions: it is established that the protection of public order in quarantine caused by a dangerous disease of animals refers to legal protection activities in special conditions. At the same time, ensuring the rule of law is achieved only by detailed regulatory regulation, timely publication of individual management acts (orders, orders). Compulsory measures under quarantine include the removal and destruction of livestock, which causes protest moods of the population. The normalization of public order in such conditions contributes to the widespread awareness of the population about the danger of spreading an infectious disease, work to explain the procedure for obtaining monetary compensation for seized livestock, proper methodological support for the activities of police officers, excluding going beyond the competence (seizure of uninfected livestock, detention of a vehicle with meat products that have the necessary documentation, etc.). Of particular importance in the protection of public order is the organization of interaction between police officers and specialized services that ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population.


Emergency situation, quarantine measures, protection of public order in special conditions, police, interaction of executive authorities, precinct police commissioners, african swine fever (asf), special administrative and legal regime, security checkpoints


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IDR: 143173257   |   DOI: 10.24411/2312-3184-2020-10097

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