Human health risk assessment of the chemical contamination of food products and raw foods

Автор: Fetter V.V.

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Статья в выпуске: 4 (4), 2013 года.

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The article presents the findings of an assessment of a health risk, associated with the consumption of food products contaminated with chemical substances, in children and adults in the Belgorod region. The major contaminants and their concentrations in food products were determined. The contributions of the studied contaminants and groups of food products to the levels of exposure were identified. The development of non-carcinogenic effects determined by a combined impact of food contaminants was characterized and the body's organs and systems, which are susceptible to the most significant toxic effects, were determined. The levels of an individual and population risk associated with chemically contaminated food products were calculated.


Chemical contaminants, human exposure, contribution, non-carcinogenic risk, body''s critical organs and systems, carcinogenic risk

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