Direct preparation of highly qualified athletes for main competitions of the season in beach volleyball

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Relevance. The relevance of the study is due to the fact that traditional methodology of the pre-competitive training process in this sport is insufficiently effective and is characterized by: the absence of a pronounced meso- microcyclic structure of the stage of a direct preparation for a main competition of the season, making it difficult to plan training process reasonably; the insufficient intensity of training sessions, in which it is necessary to increase the contribution of loads of aerobic and mixed aerobic-anaerobic orientation to the total training time by 10-12%; the small proportion of statistically significant positive changes of physical, technical, tactical, psychological and game preparedness, averaging 13,0% of total changes; the undeveloped structure of the traditional methods of pre-competitive training, hampering the effective management of the training process of pre-competitive preparation. From this, the relevance of this study becomes apparent...


Beach volleyball, high class athletes, direct preparation for main competitions

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