Methodical aspects of creating a balanced staffing mechanism in the agrarian and industrial complex of the Republic of Crimea

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The article presents the author’s approach to the role, importance and opportunities of applying the balance method and the technique of cross-industry balances in the process of labor market formation in agrarian regions. Today the balance method is one of the elements of methodical tools in statistical institutions as well as in departmental analytical structures. However, in most cases it is not adapted to market economy requirements, which results in leveling both its methodological advantages and possibilities of practical implementation. In this regard, the aim of the conducted research was the evaluation of opportunities to use the methods of forming cross-industry balances to facilitate the development of staffing mechanism in the agrarian and industrial complex at the regional level. On the basis of the conducted monitoring of the territorial and branch specialization of the Republic of Crimea the author calculates the forecasted indicators of balanced staffing of the agrarian and industrial complex of the region taking into account quantitative and qualitative needs of agrarian enterprises for human resources together with the opportunities of higher and professional education system in agriculture. The paper reveals the imbalance in quantitative and qualitative characteristics of agrarian and industrial complex staffing. The author develops and approves the methodical approach to the assessment of the balanced mechanism of forming human resources capacity in the agrarian sector of the Republic of Crimea. The practical approbation of the suggested method allowed to determine the following forecasted levels of staffing needs in the agrarian and industrial complex of the Republic of Crimea: agriculture in general - 27,6 thousand people, crop production - 17,3 thousand people, livestock production - 6,4 thousand people, food industry - 18,2 thousand people. The perspective direction of further studies is the development of recommendations for providing the conditions for implementing state management mechanisms of the regional system of staff training in the agrarian sector of economy of the Republic of Crimea.


Agrarian and industrial complex, agrarian sector of economy, agricultural region, republic of crimea, agrarian education, staffing, balance of labor and educational markets, balanced mechanism

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IDR: 149131346   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2019.3.20

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