Efficiency of the formation of competencies within the discipline «Elective course of physical education» of students-managers

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The relevance of the study was due to the lack of a single system for the formation of competencies in the practical part of physical education and sports activities in higher educational institutions. The presented article describes the study of the effectiveness of mastering the discipline «Elective courses of physical education» by students-managers in the implementation of a competency-based work program of the Federal Standard for Higher Education of the 3 ++ generation. Research aim. The purpose of the empirical study was an attempt to assess the achievements of students-managers using a point-rating system, which, at the final stage of the semester mastering of the discipline, was converted to a percentage of the formation level of competencies within the discipline. Research methods. The study used the methods of pedagogical experiment, pedagogical observations and mathematical methods of statistics processing. Research results. As a result of the study, students of a higher educational institutions of a managerial orientation were given the opportunity to independently monitor and track the mastering results of competencies in the form of a set of points for the attendance and passing of control standards, and as a result, the percentage of mastering of the discipline...


Students, physical education, competencies, elective courses of physical education, standards, physical preparedness

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