Study of structure-forming agents and development of jelly marmalade based on a spent osmotic agent

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The scientific article is devoted to the study of various structure-forming agents (agar-agar, pectin, modified starch) to identify the best structure of marmalade, developed a technological scheme, a recipe for jelly marmalade based on a spent osmotic agent after osmosis of strawberries, raspberries, black currants. After osmotic dehydration of berries, fruits, fruits, a sufficient amount of enriched osmotic agent remains. This agent (syrup) refers to raw materials and has a high nutritional value that can be used as a substitute for granulated sugar and invert syrup. Structural-mechanical, physico-chemical and organoleptic quality indicators were studied in marmalade products with different structure-forming agents. According to organoleptic indicators, the studied marmalades had a pronounced aroma and taste, without extraneous odors and tastes, the color of all marmalades had a red range from light red to dark brown. It was found that marmalade prepared on agar-agar had the densest structure, had a low penetration number (20.2) and the jelly strength of marmalade was 12039.29 Pa. In the developed jelly marmalade based on the spent osmotic agent, nutritional value, physico-chemical, organoleptic safety quality indicators were studied. According to the results obtained in the developed jelly marmalades, the content of mono – and disaccharides decreased by 17.1–18.8%, the total acidity increased by 1.2 times, the water activity index decreased by 12.6–14.3%. Marmalades prepared with used osmotic agents after osmosis of berries are enriched with vitamin C (11.38–81.44 mg / 100 g), potassium 9.3–19.8 times, calcium 5.3–6.7 times, iron 1.4–2.0 times. As a result, it was found that the use of these structure-forming agents in combination with spent osmotic agents is possible for the preparation of marmalade products, since they have a positive effect on the structure of the samples obtained and on organoleptic quality indicators.


Osmotic agent, syrup, berries, polysaccharides, organoleptic evaluation, physico-chemical parameters

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IDR: 140259868   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-98-105

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