Innovative management of food enterprises in terms of import substitution and import dependence

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The article discusses the new policy of import substitution in Russia. The replacement of imports by domestic counterparts is a priority of Federal and regional authorities. Innovative management should primarily take into account the new economic conditions which exist and will soon operate a food company. Describes the factors that have a negative impact on the efficiency of innovative management of dairy plants: the drop in oil prices, decline in exports, domestic oil prices, the devaluation of the ruble. The analysis of the indicators of import dependence and import substitution in the dairy group food. The analysis of indicators of the food industry showed that the indicator of self-sufficiency in the last 10 years have been below the 0.90 standard. In 2007, the industry reached self-sufficiency ratios 0.8146 that is still below the required standard more than 10%. These calculations allowed us to attribute the production of dairy products to import-dependent food industry. Therefore, in this industry were conducted further research based on the indicators “import” and “self-sufficiency”. Used methods of statistical control showed that the inverse correlation between these indicators does not exist. So, the volume of the imported imports depends on other factors and only increasing their own production, this figure does not decrease. Therefore, in the production of milk and dairy products need more reforms to improve the indicators of self-sufficiency. Providing the population of our country milk and dairy products in need of rapid change to increase its own production of dairy products. Thus, features of innovative management of dairy enterprises are determined by the modern conditions of import substitution.


Import, import substitution, innovative enterprise management, food industry, economic conditions, milk company

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IDR: 140229812   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-2-241-247

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