Formalization of the analysis of the vulnerabilities of the information system in the design of KSZI

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Information systems and technologies, as components of the information sphere, directly and actively influence the state of economic, ecological, energy, transport, food, criminogenic, information and other components of the integrated security of the Russian Federation. The article deals with the formalization of the information system parameters, on which the importance of information risks depends. The technique of designing complex information security systems is described by dividing them into appropriate stages. With the help of the developed software, the KSZI is designed on the basis of the objective parameters of the information system. The model is a set of objects of the information system, described with the help of appropriate software entities. This allows you to improve the accuracy of calculations, avoid dependence on the expertise of experts, which ultimately will allow the software to be used by system administrators who do not have much experience in designing security systems.


Information security system, information risk, information security threat, vulnerability of the information system

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IDR: 140229789   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-2-107-112

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