Financial equilibrium as the special capital condition in holding: abilities to achieve

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Modern company development requires not only tactical and strategic goals settings. It also requires to meet specific financial requirements for capital conditions. As it widely known company's capital conditions estimates with financial performance indicators. This method is quite discussion, nevertheless it still widely applicable. From our point of view, «financial equilibrium» as a one of group key financial performance indicator is crucial. In the capital condition estimation while discussing its adequacy to financial equilibrium, special attention should be given to such performance indicators as: liquidity, risk and yield. Balancing those parameters allows to management by default to achieve financial condition that required. Shown issue reveals its especial actuality for holdings, due to its complicated structure of inner communications which made it hard to achieve tactical and strategic goals that been set. Holdings needs to develop and apply special rules for structuring capital flows, which allows to achieve financial equilibrium. This article is about Financial liability limits as a one of factors that impacting holding capital condition. Current article based on researching of the practical approach of financial liabilities limits. Key conclusions revealed in the article.


Capital, holding, financial liability limits, financial equilibrium, liquidity, yield, company's goals, company's potential, business plan

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IDR: 140244363   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-1-351-356

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