Dynamics of risk in the processes of innovative development of enterprises

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In order to achieve high economic rates of development, Russian enterprises have to be based on technological, grocery or organizational innovations. Regular implementation of innovations can become the basis of successful adaptation of enterprises to difficult and even critical situations, and at the same time it may strengthen the role and significance of risk factors in the activity of organizations and in the innovative processes. Therefore, new ideas and approaches within anti-risk strategies should be developed by enterprises for survival and development. The article demonstrated that application of the new theory of economic systems in structuring the space of economic risk factors can play an important role in the estimation of risk dynamics during the innovative development. In compliance with this, the factors of economic risk are understood as economic events in which the innovative activity of an enterprise cannot be recognized successful or complete. The authors study the process of revealing and classifying risk factors, and select the anti-risk capabilities. The argumentation of choice of the anti-risk actions framework is analyzed, and the methods of risk reduction, connected by the failure to comply with the time limits for innovative implementation are proposed.


Innovative activity, uncertainty, factors of economic risk, kleiner system paradigm, anti-risk capabilities

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IDR: 14971023   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2014.4.8

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