Assessment of the regions' socio-economic development levels (in the case of the Komi Republic, the Arkhangelsk and Vologda oblasts)

Автор: Lazhentsev Vitaliy Nikolaevich

Журнал: Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast @volnc-esc-en

Рубрика: Branch-wise and regional economy

Статья в выпуске: 6 (18) т.4, 2011 года.

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The author made an attempt to enhance the reliability of indicators that reflect the regions' development levels and their analysis linkage with actual problems of socio-economic policy and spatial integration. In order to increase the objectivity of assessing the level of the regions' socio-economic development it is proposed to use indicator of value added per person employed taking into account the regional economy. The level of social development, according to the author, most aptly reflects the ratio of per capita income with the subsistence minimum. This, ultimately, will determine the vector of regional policy in the direction of social justice and sustainable development. The paper agreed the need for harmonization of the Russian Federation subjects and the formation of inter-regional programs of development of “transit” infrastructure “related” municipalities.


Spatial standards, economic dimensions, social stratification, consolidation of resources and concerted action

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IDR: 147223310

Список литературы Assessment of the regions' socio-economic development levels (in the case of the Komi Republic, the Arkhangelsk and Vologda oblasts)

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