Analysis of entrance testing’s results by IRT technology

Автор: Khvatov Yuri Alexeevich, Schisliaeva Elena Rostislavovna

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Mathematics entrance tests of the first year students allows the teacher to find out the state of the art of their readiness to study Higher Mathematics.Below there is a comparative analysis of the first year IGMS students testing resuts (IGMS - International Graduate School of Management). Students enrolled in 2010-2012 to both paid and budgetary places are considered. The analysis of testing results (for budgetary places in 2012), the quality of tasks and tests in general is held from the IRT perspective (IRT - Item Response Theory). The maintenance of test tasks corresponds to the program of a course of mathematics for high comprehensive school. For performance of tasks there are enough knowledge of a basic level.Results of testing were used when forming groups for additional classes on mathematics and for drawingup the program of work with these groups, including, besides the current subject, a number of sections from elementary mathematics.


Анализ результатов с позиций irt (item response theorie), ntrance testing, the analysis of results from positions of irt (item response theorie), a validity of tasks of test

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