Analysis of the development of sambo in modern conditions of the formation of a sports product

Автор: Shalyakho Yu., Korotkikh I., Bushin I., Voevodina S.

Журнал: Физическая культура, спорт - наука и практика @fizicheskaya-kultura-sport

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Relevance. The article presents the results of the analysis of the development of the sport "SAMBO" by quantitative and qualitative positions. Research aim is to develop SAMBO by determining the conditions for its formation as a competitive sports product in the system of physical education of citizens. In modern conditions of development of physical culture and sports, special attention is paid to the development of SAMBO, which is considered the national pride of Russia. At the state level, regulatory documents regulating the inclusion of sambo elements in the TRP complex have been developed and approved, federal projects "Sambo to School" and "Sambo to Universities" are being implemented, and a program for the development of sambo in the Russian Federation until 2024 has been approved. In the Krasnodar Region, it is planned to create a school sambo league in order to involve young people in this sport, and to build sports centers for martial arts in 44 municipalities of the region. Compulsory sambo lessons are held in more than 700 schools, and about 115 thousand children attend training sessions. In 2020 at the initiative of the All-Russian Sambo Federation (which includes 83 regional branches), a Professional Combat Sambo League was created to develop its professional direction and promote it in the world sports practice, together with the Red Square media group, a project was implemented - the first championship of the Combat Sambo League. With the support of the Russian Ministry of Sports, an online cycle on the history of SAMBO development has been prepared. In the study, we analyze the quantitative and qualitative indicators of SAMBO development for the period 2017-2019. Research methods: 1) analysis of the literature on the research topic; 2) analysis of statistical data on the development of the sport "sambo". Conclusions: Quantitative and qualitative indicators of SAMBO development confirm the demand for this sports product in the system of physical education of the population. In order to popularize sambo, increase its entertainment and attractiveness in the system of physical education of the population, to provide in the Program for the Development of SAMBO until 2024, developed by the All-Russian Sambo Federation, the possibility of developing sports SAMBO as a direction of Russian tourism, taking into account its regulatory, personnel, financial support and sports infrastructure.


Physical culture and sports, sambo, sport, physical education of the population, sports product, sports competitions, paid services

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