«The pearl ring of Northern Moscow region» on the territory of Sergiev-Posadskiy and Pushkinskiy districts as a historical, cultural, scientific, educational and tourism complex

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The suggested project contains an attempt to assimilate as a tourist route the part of North Moscow region territory with lots of historical and cultural places. The author gives the name of the project - the Pearl ring of North Moscow Region. The territory is limited the Sergiev-Possad and Pushkino regions with the center line from the State Tyutchev Memorial estate «Mouranovo» (or as it is called «the house of two poets») through the State art, historical and liter- ary museum «Abramtsevo» till the Pokrov monastery. The author writes about some places of the region with remarks and commentaries in historical and cultural aspects. It contains historical events, connected with Moscow region, and country estate culture from the 19 th cent. till nowdays.


Abramtsevo, tourist route, culture, routes of moscow region, mouranovo, khot'kovo, piligrimage, walking tour, memorial estates

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IDR: 140206395   |   DOI: 10.12737/11398

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