Second international scientific and practical conference "Botanical gardens in the modern world: science, education, management"

Автор: Kalugin Yury

Журнал: Hortus Botanicus @hortbot

Рубрика: Ботанические сады: история и современность

Статья в выпуске: 13, 2018 года.

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03 - 07 October 2018 in the Botanical Institute. V.L. Komarov RAS in St. Petersburg held the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference "Botanical Gardens in the modern world: science, education, management." It was devoted to discussing the current state of affairs and ways to increase the efficiency of interaction between organizations of science and culture, society and business; expanding the ways and tools of interaction, information exchange, promotion of scientific knowledge and cultural heritage; familiarity with the best practices of cultural and educational activities in historical parks, botanical gardens and protected areas. The issues of the conference were focused on the staff of botanical gardens, cultural institutions, environmental institutions, representatives of non-governmental public organizations whose activities are related to the subject of the conference, as well as teachers of higher and secondary vocational educational institutions.


Botanical gardens

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