Influence of mixing parameters on the rheological and surface appearance characteristics of rubber compounds unshaped profiles

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Influence the degree of dispersion of the carbon black on the rheological characteristics of the surface appearance and rubber mixtures based on ethylene-propylene rubber EPDM-50 was investigated. Effect of mixing time on the degree of dispersion of the carbon black elastic-viscous and extrusion characteristics of rubber compounds were found. Component tangent of the angle of mechanical losses tgδ to evaluate the rheological and technological properties of the rubber compounds used. Relationship changes tgδ valuesand properties of rubber compounds in the preparation of the compositions of rubber with carbon black was shown. On the curves of the length of the mixing tgδ rubber filler identified three main areas of change in the rheological and technological properties of rubber compounds. This allows you to monitor and make adjustments to the mode of preparation of the compositions in the real world of production. evaluation of the quality of mixing in surface appearance characteristics unshaped profiles was conducted. The resulting patterns formed the basis for the development of recommendations for the selection of optimal blending modes in the production and quality control of production of rubber compounds.


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