Fortifications in the Avvakumovka river basin in Eastern Primorye

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Based on archival sources and field research, the paper offers mapping and classification of nine ancient and medieval fortifications located in the Avvakumovka River basin in Eastern Primorye (Olga district of Primorye). Regarding their geomorphological characteristics, the fortifications are referred to promontory, valley and mountainous types. It has been discovered that the fortifications were built by people representing various cultures (the Yankovka, the Poltse, the Mohe, the Jurchen cultures) dating to I mill. BC -first half of II mill. AD. It has been established for the first time that the Mikhaylovskoye fortified settlement is attributed to the Poltse culture of the medieval period (6th century). The location of the fortifications along the river and its tributaries suggest existence of local overland and marine roads. The overland road descended from a mountain pass to the sea, whereas the marine road ran along the coastline of the sea of Japan.


Fortifications, rampart, fortified settlement, poltse culture, mohe culture, eastern xia, routes of communication, primorye

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IDR: 143173153   |   DOI: 10.25681/IARAS.0130-2620.260.368-386

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