Commodity characteristics and quality assessment of green tea sold in retail chains of Saint-Petersburg

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Tea is one of the most favorite drinks in the world. About the useful effect of green tea on the human body is known very much. In connection with the fall of the economy, the quality of products entering the trading networks is also deteriorating, so we decided to check the quality of green tea sold by trading networks in St. Petersburg. There are the results of a study on the quality of green tea from different manufacturers in the article and accordance with their normative documents. Organoleptic and physico-chemical methods were used to allowable the quality of tea. We studied these samples for safety according to the maximum permissible content of toxins, radionuclides, mycotoxins and microorganisms in tea. According to the physico-chemical examination revealed violations in terms of: the content of tannin, water-soluble extractive substances, active acidity, increased mold content, which attests about assortment falsification of green tea, the use of poor quality raw materials, violation of technological processes and storage processes. As a result, it can be concluded that in production of tea it is necessary to take into account all regulatory requirements and comply with all technological processes, consider the requirements for storage and transportation of tea, certify the goods and use more manual labor when collecting tea leaves. Trading enterprises should use only certified goods and to use the conclusions of expert laboratoriesmore often.


Green tea, merchandising characteristic, safety, quality, useful properties

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IDR: 140238572   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-236-241

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