Trends in the development of consulting services to improve the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity

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The growing demand for consulting services, an increase in the number of participants in the consulting market, both service providers and clients, require the development of a classifier of management in this area, as well as uniform rules and laws governing the consulting services market. The formation of the legal framework and the integration of the subjects of the consulting industry contributes to the unification of all participants in this process within the framework of the development of global trends in economic processes and the development of uniform rules and regulations on consulting. Small and medium-sized businesses make a major contribution to the economy of both a separate region and the country as a whole, as they are a flexible form of management that responds quickly enough to changes taking place in the economic market. The object of the article's research is consulting services. The subject of the research is consulting services in entrepreneurship as a direction of improving business efficiency. The article focuses on management consulting as the most complex type of services, the results of which can significantly affect the state of the management object. Consulting specialists provide business support in various types of economic activities for the fullest realization of their economic and market potential, offering key ideas and critical information that contribute to the achievement of strategic goals of companies. This article examines the essence of management consulting and features of the promotion of services for the business environment. Classification criteria of consulting services are given, priority factors aimed at increasing the market share are identified. The directions of increasing the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity on the basis of management consulting and the development of consulting organizations in the regions of the country are formulated.


Consulting services, entrepreneurial activity, consulting industry, competitiveness, economics, financial management

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IDR: 140261921   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-5-190-198

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