Technical-tactical training of qualified yachtsmen

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Some recommendations aimed at the perfection of the qualified yachtsmens training process by the way of improving the effectiveness of methods of technical-tactical training have been prepared. These recommendations include the lusting of strategic rules and actions, which should be fulfilled by a yachtsman in these or those conditions of a sailing race. As a means of tactical yachtsmens training, the programme «Simulator of sailing races» tactics was used. This programme represents a computing game - sailing yachts races with very high possibilities of regulating parameters of virtual competitions. The comparative pedagogical experiment, organized for the evaluation of the effectiveness of applying recommendations and the programme in tactical training, proved the expediency of introducing recommendations in tactical training into the educational-traini9ng process. The recommendations consisted of 15 rules (lessons) and a computing programme in sailing in races tactics. The growth of the competitive successfulness of yachtsmen from an experimental group was 27.1 % for the eight weeks period.


Tactics of sailing races, technicaltactical training, qualified yachtsmen, tactical training recommendations, computing programme in sailing races tactics

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