Feasibility study for renovation of facades heat insulation of residential buildings of the first mass series

Автор: Tseytin Dmitriy Nikolaevich, Vatin Nikolai Ivanovich, Nemova Darya Viktorovna, Rymkevich Pavel Pavlovich, Gorshkov Alexander Sergeevich

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Статья в выпуске: 1 (40), 2016 года.

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The aim of the study is to assess the feasibility of facade insulation using products from expanded polystyrene thermal insulation facade of brands and products thermal insulation of mineral wool. The object of the study is a typical apartment building built in 1950-1992''s mass. Analysis of heat loss through the exterior wall of a residential apartment building before and after the thermal insulation of facades. Heat losses are determined in accordance with the regulations of the years of construction. The value of the operating costs in accordance with the rates established by the regulations of the regions of St. Petersburg and Moscow. In accordance with the determined thickness of the insulation for the facades considered. Based on the known values of the duration of the heating period, capital expenditures for the insulation of facades and operating costs for heating before and after the facade insulation was assessed projected payback period of energy-saving measures, adjusted to the growth of tariffs for thermal energy and discounting future cash flows.


Thermal protection, settlement and climatic conditions, the heating degree-day period, transmission heat losses, heat insulating products from expanded polystyrene, reconstruction of buildings, renovation of the facade, additional insulation, energy efficiency


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