"Surrogate" lawyer justice

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Purpose: To identify and problematize such a phenomenon as "surrogate justice" in the Russian legal profession. Methodology: Statistical, hermeneutic and participatory observation were used. Results: The problem of "surrogate justice" was identified, which is a system-forming one in the arrangement of the modern Russian legal profession. The signs of justice are given, which are correlated with the signs of "surrogate justice"; considered such a type of «surrogate justice» as surrogate justice in the legal profession, investigated its structure, indicated the problems that arose in connection with the functioning of «surrogate law courts». Novelty/originality/value: The introduction of the term "surrogate justice" into scientific circulation, as well as the following terms: «surrogate rule-making», «surrogate process», «surrogate» court, etc., speaks of novelty, and the interpretation of the constitutional prescription «justice is carried out only by the court» about originality. The scientific and value-based nature of the study is evidenced by the recommendations that the author puts forward, based on the idea of «surrogate justice».


Advocacy, "surrogate" justice, quasi-judicial bodies, "surrogate" rule-making, "surrogate" process, advocate ethics

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IDR: 140257934   |   DOI: 10.52068/2304-9839_2021_52_3_28

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