The strategy of public-private partnership in the innovative development of the economy of the Republic of Belarus: the formation and implementation mechanisms

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The article analyzes the innovation activity and innovation funding mechanisms in the Republic of Belarus. The theoretical and methodological basis of public-private partnership in the sphere of innovations, including the concept of public-private partnerships in innovation, features, PPP, PPP model of the relations in the sphere of innovation, types and models of PPP in innovation, motivation to participate in the partnership of the private sector and state. The directions of strategy formation of public-private partnerships in the innovative development of the economy of Belarus. Mechanisms for financing innovation projects under PPP, including model - project financing, the main forms of state support for PPP projects.


Public-private partnership, type, model of public-private partnerships, innovation, innovative development, innovation activity, competitiveness, project financing, project company, agreement, synergistic effect, innovation projects

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