Strategic directions of development of the timber industry

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Currently, in modern economic conditions, the systemic impact of crises on the country's industry is palpable, therefore qualitatively new approaches to strategic planning of production development are needed, taking into account advanced technologies, tools and methods that can be effective in unstable conditions. The main purpose of the development of long-term guidelines for the timber industry is to optimize production processes of various levels of complexity and territorial remoteness, complicating the use of traditional tools of spatial organization. The key problem of the industry is to ensure the balance of technological, production, logistics, financial and economic processes in the conditions of the territorial and market potential of the subjects of the country. The object of research in the article is the timber industry. The subject of the study is the strategic directions of development of the Russian timber industry. Enterprises of the timber industry today operate in difficult economic conditions, which necessitates a balanced policy aimed at improving the results of production of products. Most of all, these problems affected medium-sized and large industrial enterprises, which lost a share of their economic and production potential during the crisis. The first priority are solutions aimed at analyzing management technologies through a strategic approach in market conditions, the efficiency of using all industrial resources, intellectual, investment and innovation potentials of timber enterprises. The article discusses the directions of logistics integration and analyzes the main directions of integration processes in the forest industry. The directions of further research should be programs for the development of the timber industry complex of the regions, taking into account innovative, technological and market factors affecting the increase of competitive advantages.


Mechanism, management, efficiency, timber enterprise, timber industry complex, strategic planning, logistics integration

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IDR: 140261916   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-5-150-157

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