Modern world trends in rugby (review of foreign literature)

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The review presents the results of the analysis of foreign scientific research in relevant areas of sports training of high-class rugby players. The modes of motor activity that determine sports performance, depending on the playing position of rugby players were described. The contradictions in the results of volume determination of high-speed running of professional rugby players based on the use of absolute and individualized speed zones were found. The comparative analysis of the requirements for rugby players of youth and adult national teams during international competitions was presented. Technical and tactical skills of rugby players providing breakouts of a defensive line during matches were covered. The influence of ball transfer on the mechanics of sprinting of rugby players was reviewed. A variety of motor activities of kicking a ball by qualified rugby players was determined. Prognostic indicators that determine the ability of rugby players to perform sprints and accelerations while running were proposed...


Rugby, sports training, foreign scientific publications, highly qualified athletes

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