Social and cultural features of the generation Z: empirical research experience

Автор: Belozerova Liliia A., Poliakov Sergei D., Zhidiaeva Olesia O.

Журнал: Поволжский педагогический поиск @journal-ppp-ulspu

Рубрика: Поколение z в призме психолого-педагогических исследований

Статья в выпуске: 3 (25), 2018 года.

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The article presents the results of a pilot empirical study of the sociocultural characteristics of the Z generation in comparison with the sociocultural features of the Y-Z borderline generation. The authors characterize the sociocultural situation in which modern adolescents develop. The authors list hypothetical psychological characteristics of the generation provide an interpretation of the generational problem in the concept of N. Howe, W. Strauss, describe the procedure, sampling and methodological apparatus of the research, consider some results of the survey, discuss the accuracy of the data, summarize the preliminary results of the pilot study.


Поколение z, social and cultural situation, theory of generations, generation z

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IDR: 142217165

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