Wordformation structure of team sports terminology in the English language

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The article focuses on the wordformation structure of the discourse functioning in the field of the sports sphere which is subdivided into separate types depending on sports (sports, track and field athletics, swimming, gymnastics, etc.). The discourse is considered from positions of cognitive and pragmatical linguistics as a cognitive phenomenon transferring a certain volume of information which is verbalized by language tools. Profile and highly specialized terminology are considered as an object of the research. All main ways of wordformation in common-literary language are tracked in team sports terminology: derivation, composition, conversion. Affixal polysemy, a combination of semantic and morphological transposition, distribution of word-formation models and others are also revealed. The main word-formation models of team sports terms and regularity of their formation are found. These models can serve as a basis for the development of certain methodical recommendations and the system of exercises. Team sports terminology is constantly enriched by coaches, players and journalists. A large number of occasional professionalisms and terms not registered in dictionaries but formed according to productive wordformation models is characteristic for team sports terminology. On the basis of the conducted research the authors offer the solution of the applied task on the most rational ways of lexical material acquisition at learning foreign language at physical culture institutions of higher education.


Sports discourse, team sports terminology, wordformation, word-formation models, affixation, prefixation, derivatives

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