The system of the competitive promotion of Russian innovations in the global market

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The globalization of innovation collaboration provides an opportunity for the most successful innovators to scale their businesses by leveraging the potential of new markets, supplanting less successful innovators that previously existed in those markets. At the same time, niche national leaders of the innovation process have competitive advantages to maintain their positions in the global market. Changes in the scale of economic activity have a direct impact on the performance indicators of all participants in the economic process, which determines the relevance of this study. By increasing the potential for innovation, the use of innovation activates the process of national companies entering the world market of high-tech products. The authors consider the obstacles to the competitive promotion of domestic innovations in the global market: a high degree of monopolization of Russian economy, high entry barriers to the market, which reduces the quality of innovation activities of large enterprises and limits the flow of financial resources into innovation processes at the level of small and medium-sized businesses. Along with this, todays Russian innovator is under severe pressure from the collective West, which, combined with the lack of its own technological base for full-cycle innovative production, can be viewed as a critical obstacle to the uninterrupted promotion of domestic innovations in the global market. The article examines the main existing and potential competitive advantages of Russian innovative business relevant from the point of view of ensuring its functioning in the system of global value chains in the innovation sphere.


Global economy, competition, promotion, innovation, competitive advantages, globalization, innovative business

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IDR: 149131654   |   DOI: 10.15688/ek.jvolsu.2020.3.14

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