Russia: a way to the future (Sergei Bulgakov's view)

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The article is devoted to the analysis of the socio-cultural concept of Russian philosopher Sergei Bulgakov and his vision of Russia’s role in the future historical development of Europe. The author considers the stages of evolution of Bulgakov’s system of views, focusing on his criticism of Russian intelligentsia and its «maximalism» and «heroism», which cause a scornful attitude towards ordinary people. In his concept, they are contrasted with repentance, humility, and moral self-improvement. Faust with his aspiration for knowledge and Ivan Karamazov with his moral torments are recognized as symbols of Europe of the XIXth and Russia of the XXth centuries. Russia’s path in the future, as Bulgakov sees it, is a return to religious values and the moral requirements associated with them.


Russian philosophy, s.n. bulgakov, progress, religion, morality, future, Russia, europe

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IDR: 170175945   |   DOI: 10.24866/1997-2857/2020-2/74-85

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