Reorganization of the technology and procedures for conducting mortgage transactions

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The article considers the structure of mortgage lending of PJSC "VTB24", presents the functions of the Department of mortgage lending and the Department of conclusion and support of mortgage transactions. The scheme of the mortgage transaction is analyzed and its advantages and disadvantages are given. At the moment, there is a high probability of further curtailment of Bank licenses and the flow of depositors ' funds to larger banks at lower interest rates. At the same time, the Central Bank allows for a 2 – fold drop in profits from banking activities to the level of 300 billion rubles a year. At the present stage of development of the Russian economy, the banking sector is no longer experiencing a period of rapid growth, as it was a year and a half earlier. However, credit institutions continue to slowly increase the volume of lending operations, thus trying to ensure the gradual saturation of the Russian market of banking services. The growth of assets of Russian banks is based on the increase in the volume of loans granted...


Management, technique, enterprise, strategy, economy

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IDR: 140238605   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-473-477

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