Development of private-law bases in the criminal procedure legislation of the Russian federation and CIS countries

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Purpose: Research of a ratio of the private and public beginnings in criminal trial of the Russian Federation and to influence of this ratio on possible emergence of such new institute of the criminal procedure right as mediation. Methodology: The author uses a historical legal method. Results: The author draws a conclusion that development of institute of private charge created prerequisites to emergence of mediation in criminal procedure. In article it is noted that expansion of the private beginnings of charge and introduction of institute of mediation in criminal procedure are caused by a basic change of the economic and political relations in Russia and will promote development of civil society and strengthening of guarantees of the rights of the personality. Novelty/originality/value: Article possesses high scientific value and has the practical importance as is one of the first attempts to consider a question of development of the private-law beginnings in criminal procedure taking into account changes of the Russian legislation.


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