The development of the automatic control system for the production process of the boiling of the massecuite of the first crystallization in a vacuum apparatus

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The modern development of the food industry is accompanied by an ever wider application of automated control systems for technological processes. The prerequisites for this are: the growth of the enterprise's capacities; the use of continuous and continuous production methods; equipment of enterprises with new high-performance equipment; presence of modern technological means of automation. The wide application of automated control systems is caused by a significant economic effect, which is achieved due to: the provision of specified qualities of produced products, regardless of subjective factors; reduction of losses of valuable products; reduction of labor intensity of production processes; increase of production culture. The main task of the automated control system is the observance of the technological regulations determining the permissible ranges of technological process parameters (temperature, flow, product composition), equipment performance, and quality process indicators...


Automation, sugar, crystallization, technological parameter

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IDR: 140238548   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-101-107

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