Psychological characteristics of the characters as a way of disclosing the theme of loneliness in the short stories of Anton Chekhov

Автор: Gruzdeva Lulia Alekseevna, Komarova Natalia Sergeevna

Журнал: Поволжский педагогический поиск @journal-ppp-ulspu

Рубрика: Филология

Статья в выпуске: 2 (8), 2014 года.

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The article discusses the change of the psychological states of a character as an important element of psychological insight of A. P. Chekhov and as a way of discovering the themes of loneliness in the short stories of the writer. The article is based on the short stories “Chemist”, “Witch”, “The Bride”, the causes of loneliness, especially experienced by a woman are analyzed. The article also analyzes the composition of the stories, which reflects the peculiarities of psychological insight of A.P. Chekhov.

Theme of loneliness, ways of revealing the theme of loneliness, psychological features of a character, psychological insight of a. p. chekhov, female image

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